Over 35 Years of Family Fishing.

Edwin Jenkinson Ltd is a family operated shellfish merchant based in the seaside town of Scarborough on the North Yorkshire coast of England.

We pride ourselves in the freshness and high quality of our locally caught shellfish which we buy and sell worldwide on a daily basis. We specialise in 2 areas; brown crab (Cancer Pagurus) and European blue lobster (Homarus Gammarus), both of which are locally sourced from the Yorkshire coast. We work closely with local fishermen to ensure only the finest product is obtained, whilst making sure the catches are sustainable. The fresh, high quality of our products is what differentiates us and what we are most proud of.

At Edwin Jenkinson Ltd, we currently operate from 2 factories; a vivier facility and a shellfish cooking facility. From there, our products are transported directly to our loyal customers’ doors. Our market is continually expanding with our current offerings being daily deliveries to Europe and Asia.

From Europe to the Far East

We supply daily to customers in France, Italy, Belgium and Spain amongst other countries. Within Asia, we supply to customers in China, Japan and Taiwan.

Where We Serve
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