Edwin Jenkinson are based in the beautiful coastal town of Scarborough on the North Yorkshire coast of England.  

Edwin Jenkinson are  fish and shellfish merchants who buy and sell, locally sourced,  brown crab and lobster.  We sell, not only, to the UK fish markets but we also export cooked crab and live lobster to Europe on a daily basis.

At Edwin Jenkinson we have our own Vivier, we can guarantee the quality of our product and that all our crabs and lobsters are treated with respect and care to ensure they arrive to you, our customer, in a prime and stress free condition.

We pride ourselves on the top quality of our product, as we oversee and inspect each and every crab and lobster as it comes out of our tanks, before we sell them on. The work carried out between fishermen, Edwin Jenkinson and our clients continues to develop new and improved methods of sustaining the life of the product, ensuring optimum quality for the consumer.

We are a family run firm with over 25 years experience in the shellfish business and if you would like to know more please contact us.